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Tiger lilies abound in the summer

Tiger lilies abound in the summer.

Another weekend has come and gone and I still have plants to get in the ground.  We did get some tomatoes in and bought some more vegetables, herbs and flowers to go in.  In my shade garden I’ve strategically placed the two new variegated hosta and three purple shamrocks in their pots in the border.  They are just staring back at me willing me to dig holes for them.  Same with the three lavender and two purple salvia.

So instead I think I’ll show you what is thriving.  Boy, do I love low-maintenance perennials like these tiger lilies.  The Lilium tigrinum is also known as the Ditch lily, as it grows alongside the road in many parts of America.  Our neighbors here in suburban Maryland often have large swaths of tiger lilies lining their roadsides and they are very stunning in the early summer.


Blue hydrangea, 'Endless Summer.'

Blue hydrangea, ‘Endless Summer.’


My across-the-street neighbor has masses and masses of blue hydrangea bushes in her front yard and they are always GORGEOUS.  Don’t you just love a neighbor who plants beautiful flowers in front so all can enjoy?  I do!  I gaze and long for her hydrangeas from the shade of my front porch all summer long while I’m not planting.


Blue and pink hydrangea.

Blue and pink hydrangea.


My street corner hydrangea looks a bit sad.  Those are dead peonies in the front.  They were pretty in pink when they bloomed in late spring before school was out.


Pink peonies from the garden.

Pink peonies from the garden.



Blue hydrangea, "Endless Summer."

Our hillside, not in focus. It’s my eyes, not the iphone camera.


I’m having better luck with the hydrangea bushes on my hillside.  Oo la la!  Too bad I can’t see those from my front porch or driveway.  Yes, I too, plant pretty flowers for all to enjoy, especially those who walk their dogs down that side of our street.  Those orange tiger lilies peeking out from the bank of hydrangeas have to be one of my most favorite combinations.  Give me more! Give me more!


Wild daisy perennials with some white cosmos.

Wild daisy perennials with some white cosmos.

I love white wild flowers too.  Especially daisies.  It would be pretty to have an all-white bloom garden.  I think the concept is called a “moonlight garden.”  Very romantic.


Old stone mushroom.

Old stone mushroom.


John’s mom received this stone mushroom stool as a gift for her garden many, many decades ago.  Now we have it in ours beneath a large tree.  Our cat, Sydney, loved to sit on top and taunt the birds.  It would be perfect in a photo shoot for a woodland fairy tale.

Now, off to clip some hydrangeas for the house and come back inside immediately, avoiding the glaring need for holes for plants and the mosquitos.







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  1. You are so right —we love walking the neighborhood and admiring all the beautiful gardens and landscaping. It is such a gift from talented gardeners.

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