Costumes of Downton–season 6

Lady Edith, looking glam. Photo: Marie Claire

Lady Edith, looking glam.
Photo: Marie Claire

I am rooting for Lady Edith this final season.  After 5 seasons of misery, being jilted at the altar, having to give away her baby, then getting the child back only to have to hide her motherhood, losing Gregson, suffering the jibes of Lady Mary (really, Mary, just stop it) and on and on, this woman needs some happiness.

I have never gotten the gist of why her family talks about her as the ‘plain’ one, the one destined to be a spinster and take care of them in their old age, when on-screen actress Laura Carmichael is lovely and Lady Edith’s clothes are as glamorous and well-turned out as Mary’s.  Her Eeyore attitude; that is something she can work on.

Another thing I am loving about this final season is that both Lady Mary and Lady Edith have jobs!  I hope Edith takes up her chic flat in London and her publishing CEO job and tells Lady Mary to suck it.

To whet your appetite for some of the career gal/aristocrat fashions to come, here are some of the costumes that were on tour last year in the U.S. at Winthertur Museum’s “Costumes of Downton” exhibit.

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Countess Cora

IMG_2531Tune in tonight, January 10, 2015, 9 pm EST to your local PBS station to see what’s in store for the Crawleys and for the fabulous clothes circa 1925.


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