Downton Abbey Season Finale: Debutante Ball

The Lord and Ladies Grantham Photo credit:  Marie Claire

The Lord and Ladies Grantham and The Levinsons from America
Photo credit: ITV for MASTERPIECE


Tonight’s Downton Abbey finale will be 2 hours long and we can expect Shirley Maclaine and Paul Giamatti to make a lively appearance in London for Rose’s debutante ball.

Rose, whatever you do, don't trip! Photo credit:  ITV for MASTERPIECE

Rose, whatever you do, don’t trip!
Photo credit: ITV for MASTERPIECE

I’ve enjoyed blogging about this season and I will miss it. Perhaps I won’t stop as there are so many things to learn about the treasures of Highclere Castle where the series is filmed.

Those lush interiors!  The fabulous paintings!  The wallpaper!

For those of you who want to learn more about the ‘real Downton Abbey,’ the Countess of Carnavon has written two books about her predecessors at Highclere Castle.


And for those of you on the East Coast, the Winterthur Museum in Delaware will be hosting an exhibit, The Costumes of Downton, from March 1, 2014 to January 4, 2015.

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library is the home of Henry du Pont and although I’ve never been I hear it is definitely worth the visit, especially in the spring and summer when the gardens are in full bloom.

'Costumes of Downton' showing at Wintertur Museum, Garden & Library in Delaware.

‘Costumes of Downton’ showing at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library in Delaware.

Enjoy tonight’s airing and watch out for future spoilers on the internet as Season 5 has begun filming in the U.K. with new cast announcements and tidbits filtering into the U.S. media.

Later this week I’ll post a wrap-up of the season with links to all the Downton-inspired recipes in one place for you all.  Because I’m nice like that (smile!).  Just call me Mrs. Hughes.


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