Thrift Shop Goodness

Just kidding.  I didn't buy this little guy.

Just kidding. I didn’t buy this little guy.

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do.  You never know what you might find! Like a cherub lamp.

John and I always make time to poke around in thrift shops on vacation and we drag our boy along, hoping to instill the bargain-seeking thrill in him too.  Much of our furniture and artwork was scored at estate sales, thrift shops, tag sales, or is what I like to call “urban curb” (translation: free off the street.)

Thursday was 25 percent off day at Value Village and my friend, Laura, and I headed out with 2 hours to spend and our VIP cards in hand.

Come along, won’t you?

Gilded globe and cherub lamps.

These lamps gave us a chuckle.  Not for our homes, but maybe if we had a crash pad in Vegas.


Karastan wool rug, 10 x 14 feet!

Karastan wool rug, 10 x 14 feet!


This, on the other hand, was absolutely beautiful.  A Karastan rug, wool, extremely large at 10 x 14 feet, in excellent condition.  Price was $1,999 (a Steal).  Neither of us had that so we sadly left it there for some interior decorator to have a heart attack over.


Karastan label.


Beautiful colors on a cream background.  Drool.

Beautiful colors on a cream background. Drool.


Vintage Tonka truck.

Vintage Tonka truck.

This Tonka truck was the real deal.  Metal, not plastic.  Large and sturdy for some serious sand box action.  We didn’t take this home either. Laura is on a toy moratorium for the moment.


Abstract painting on canvas.

Abstract painting on canvas.


I couldn’t resist this painting, though.  The colors were gorgeous and I’m a sucker for abstract expressionism, even if amateur.  I took this home for $9.50 with the discount.  It looks great on the front porch mantle against the brick.  I think I have it on it’s wrong side, though.  We posited that the black object on the far right side is a clock radio.  No matter, I still like it!


A vintage rug for the porch.

A vintage rug for the porch.

I couldn’t have the Karastan (and even if I could, our living room is much smaller than 10 x 14 feet) but this one was a perfect size for the screened porch and great colors on the brick-red painted floor.  Polyester, but in decent condition and only $14.99 ($11.25 with the VIP discount.)  Sold!

Our front porch gets a lot of traffic so this rug probably won’t last the winter, but it made me happy and inspired me to do a porch fall clean up.  We like to sit out there at night, have a cocktail, and say hello to our neighbors as they walk their dogs.


Vintage pewter sauce boat with wooden handle.

Vintage pewter sauce boat with wooden handle.


As you can imagine, I collect vintage cookware and serving pieces (just can’t help myself.)  This was a nice little sauce boat, substantial and heavy in the hand, made of pewter with a nice gleam for $3.99 (3 bucks with my VIP status.)  You are mine, baby.  Gravy here we come.


Cool comic book art.

Cool comic book art.


More cool comics.

Bam!  Pow!

Bam! Pow!


Had to grab these comics for Joe for $1.50 a piece.  Such cool art.  I want to frame them.


All in all, a great haul and a fun way to spend a couple of hours in the thrill of the hunt.




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  1. That large rug!! Gorgeous. the rug you bought will look perfect on your porch. have you read Goodwill Hunting blog? He makes over Goodwill finds. Amazing.

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