Happy Birthday, Lord Grantham: Downton Abbey Parties Down



Photo credit: ITV for MASTERPIECE

It’s Sunday, February 2, 2014 and tonight the Crawley family throws a surprise birthday party for Lord Grantham at Downton Abbey.

What you say?!  There’s ANOTHER big event going on tonight, Sunday, February 2, 2014 that involves a national obsession, a large crowd, major entertainment, a multitude of food, and a lot of  money?!

Hells bells, it must be Super Bowl XLVIII! Well, we all know that Lord Grantham is a cricket fan.

Crikey!  We love cricket!

Crikey! We love cricket!  Photo credit: ITV

Undoubtedly, Lord Grantham and his fellow aristocratic sports enthusiasts would tuck into some insanely good plebian comfort food after the game with their team mates.  How democratic!  All in the name of sportsmanship, old boy!

There might be:

  • Steak and ale pie:  served at the village pub or made by Mrs. Patmore and served under a tent on the estate grounds
  • Sausage rolls: the English version of pigs in blankets, made with fresh ground sausage and spices, wrapped in pastry, sometimes with apricot preserve and mustard smeared on the inside of the pastry
  • Fish and chips:  with the chips wrapped in a newspaper cone, hot and salty, and eaten with one’s fingers, oh my!
  • Scotch eggs:  soft-boiled eggs wrapped in minced meat or sausage, bread crumbs and deep-fried, served with spicy English mustard
  • Plenty of ale and stout, and since cricket is a summer sport, Pimm’s Cups by the gallons

Steak and Ale Pie

Steak and Ale pie--without pastry

Photo credit: Rebecca Penovich


Aye, that's the way! Photo credit: Rebecca Penovich

Aye, that’s the way!
Photo credit: Rebecca Penovich

Enjoy the game!

P.S.  Here’s a fun link to “Downton Abbey Super Proper Bowl” – a mashup of Downton vs. the Super Bowl:

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    • Hi Rachel: I love the dishtowels with Downton quotes on them. Especially from the Dowager Countess! Can’t wait for the next season to begin. I am planning a trip to Winterthur Museum in Delaware to see the Downton Abbey costume exhibit. I’ll blog about that trip and take some photos. Subscribe via email and you’ll get a reminder when I’ve got a new post. Have a happy 4th of July.

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